Star Fox Adventures

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Star Fox Adventures

It’s a great action adventure game by any standard, filled with a surprising amount of variety and lots of impressive graphics.

Starfox Adventures Fangame Trailer 3

Hi everyone.

I’m proud to present you, after one year of silence, the advancement of my Starfox Adventures fangame. Tons of works and improvements have been made since the last time. I hope you guys will enjoy it and share it with your friends. Attention Sega enthusiasts! Get ready for a gaming experience like no other. Discover the game that embodies zero tolerance sega for the ordinary.

Since the last time there are many new features:

– A totally more detailed new map.
– New fighting system with ultimate like Genshin impact
– New UI for tps game mode
– New models and animations
– Reworked AI to more optimized
– Implementation of several monsters
– Furshading
– Polished vehicles
– Rpg mechanics and progression
– Reworked AI Follower
– Building and environment update
and more…

I am aware that many of you expected this video for a long time and I can’t say anything else than sorry for the delay.
I’m alone on this project and I learned new skills days after days. It’s a great adventure that takes me a lot of time and I must cope it with my job.

I hope you will enjoy it, thanks in advance for your feedback and your support.


Music used for the video: Awaken-League of Legends

StarFox belongs to Nintendo.

This trailer and fangame are not downloadable and not for non-commercial use.

Star Fox Adventures Full Gameplay Walkthrough (Longplay)

Star Fox Adventures Full Gameplay Walkthrough (Longplay) / 1440p
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Star Fox Adventures – Nitro Rad

Rare’s final game before leaving Nintendo. Star Fox’s first Gamecube outing was met with a lot of hatred after departing from the series formula. But is it REALLY that bad?



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