Next-Gen Xbox Series X Is Perfect For Limited-Edition Designs, Phil Spencer Says

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Next-Gen Xbox Series X Is Perfect For Limited-Edition Designs, Phil Spencer Says

The console was not purposefully designed for it, but Spencer says limited-edition systems and wraps may flourish on the next-gen system.

Phil Spencer Drops Some Bad Xbox Series X News

Phil Spencer Drops Some Bad Xbox Series X News
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Phil Spencer DEFENDS Xbox Series X | MAXIMUM Next Gen Xbox Power, Xbox Console Games Policy & More

Phil Spencer goes on record in his newest interview on Microsoft’s next gen console, the Xbox Series x. Phil Defends Ultra fast series x power use and scaling, the consoles 2020 launch games and mandates as well as much more. Phil ends up providing much needed confirmation on what developers are allowed to do when creating next gen games. Phil Spencer DEFENDS Xbox Series X | Maximum Next Gen Xbox Console Power Use, 2020 Launch & New Xbox Games Scaling. Video games & TGS!
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Xbox Series X|S – Official Next-Gen Walkthrough – Full Demo [4K]

Please enjoy this full demo walkthrough of the Xbox Series X|S platform experience – including UI/UX, refreshed interface, dashboard design, and more – ahead of the November 10th next-gen launch. Looking for a simple phone? Check out the best dumb phones.

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• Design and Aesthetics
• Booting Up/Loading In
• The Home Page experience
• Dashboard and Dynamic Backgrounds
• Next-Gen Optimization and Smart Delivery (ft. Gears 5)
• The New Guide
• Quick Resume In Action (ft. Dirt 5)
• Next Gen-Game Capabilities
• Back-Compat (ft. Subnautica)
• Next-gen Controllers
• The Share Button
• New Xbox Mobile App
• Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
• Store Home
• My Games & Apps Walkthrough
• Wrap Up

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